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The Green Menu has been renewed

On The Green Menu you can discover in a simple and playful way which sustainable measures suit your historical building. You will find tips and information about insulation and ventilation, electricity, heating and water and greenery. Have you ever heard of infrared heating, solar roof tiles or a standby killer? The Green Menu explains it all. You will also be shown what savings these measures will yield, how you can pay for them and what regulations you may have to consider. Discover it for yourself!

Personal advice for monuments and pre-war buildings

Making a monument, a protected town or village scape or a pre-war building more sustainable you need a tailored approach. On this website we give you an insight into the possibilities. If you really want to get started, it is necessary to seek expert advice. Here you can read what a specialized advisor can help you with and what to take into account while searching for an advisor.

Subsidy and financing for sustainability

The government stimulates sustainability measures, also for monumental buildings. There are therefore various subsidies and financing options available that can help you to make your property more sustainable. We have listed all the arrangements for you here.

Assistance with permits and implementation

The Green Menu also provides an overview of what you should pay attention to when carrying out your renovation. For example, we inform you about how to apply for a permit, what you should pay attention to when assessing a quotation and how to find the right contractor for implementation.


You will also find inspiring stories in The Green Menu from people who have already started making their historic building more sustainable. For example, the story of Wim and Lies who made their farm more sustainable. Or from Koen and Sander from Ilpendam who sustainably renovated their Rietveld home.

The Green Menu for your municipality

The municipality of Amsterdam, Maastricht, Leeuwarden and Wassenaar, among others, are partners of The Green Menu. There is a separate menu for each participating municipality, completely adapted to the type of homes in that municipality! Would you also start making your historic building more sustainable, but is your municipality not listed? No worries! There is an extensive national menu available for houses, mills, farms, churches, country estates and even fortresses. If we can make these buildings sustainable, it should be possible everywhere.



Published on
17 September 2020

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