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About The Green Menu

The Green Menu is intended for you as a resident or owner of pre-war, monumental and protected buildings. Monument owners often think that their property cannot be more sustainable. Or they get caught up in the web of regulation and financing possibilities. That is why The Green Menu offers one place for insight into the possible technologies, regulations, financing and possible energy saving possibilities. In short, the starting point for a more sustainable historical building! 

The platform offers of a number of steps that will help you in the process of making your building more sustainable. These are: 

  1. Discover the possibilities: information about insulation, ventilation, electricity, heating and water & greenery. 
  2. Personal advice: a successful renovation starts with a proper advice. Here you can read what you should expect from a good advice and how to select a good consultant. 
  3. Financing possibilities: we have listed all current subsidies and financing possibilities for you. 
  4. Implementation: here you can read everything you need to know before you start working on the required permits, offers of companies and implementation of the renovation. 
  5. Inspiration: get inspired by the experiences of other monument owners.
The Green Menu is a translation of the Dutch platform 'De Groene Menukaart' (translated: The Green Menu) which is an initiative of De Groene Grachten. The Green Menu is developed in cooperation with the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG) and various municipalities and provinces. The translation of the platform is made possible by EIT Climate-KIC. 


The Green Menu

As advisors, every day we gain knowledge and experience in making historic buildings more sustainable. As we didn't want to keep this knowledge to ourselves, we developed The Green Menu. On this independent platform, we share our knowledge and experience with you, free of charge. We want to inspire and inform others about the possibilities. 


Tailored advice 

We give independent, personal advice to private and business owners about making their property more sustainable. The extensive advisory report contains all possible measures for your property, with explanations, costs, savings, points of attention and benefits. You gain insight into which permits you need for the different measures, and an overview of all relevant subsidies and financing possibilities. This way, you know what the options are in your situation and which the possible next steps need to be.