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Sleeping under the stars on Pampus for self-sufficient fortress

Good news for those who have always wanted to experience a night on an uninhabited island. Fort Island Pampus offers this summer for the first time the opportunity to spend a unique night alone or with others. The monumental island, close to Amsterdam, allows adventurers to enjoy nature, the stars and the silence, and challenges to experience what it is like to be self-sufficient. With these nights Pampus wants to gather extra support for its energy transition to fully sustainable world heritage. A transition that is aimed at both removing CO₂ emissions and strengthening the cultural-historical character.

Pampus Sustainable Off-Grid

Fort Island Pampus has a rich history of self-reliance. Since its creation as a defense work in 1887, it has been closed off from the mainland. Those who stayed there had to find ways to do so without direct help or facilities from shore. The island is a historically and architecturally unique national monument that, as figurehead of the UNESCO World Heritage Defense Line of Amsterdam, tells a special history. “In order to preserve this heritage for the future and to be able to continue to tell this special story, Pampus must innovate sustainably. For this we have drawn up the master plan "Pampus Sustainable Off-Grid", Says Tom van Nouhuys, director Forteiland Pampus.

One of the projects in this plan is restart the so-called peace privates, a small building on the island that has never been opened to the public. This military toilet building is located high on the western part of the island and is located in the former firing field. It could therefore only be used in times of peace, hence the name. Pampus wants to provide these peace privates with contemporary sanitary facilities with a sustainable water supply and drainage and its own installations, as the first beginning of the complete transition. For funding, it researched crowdfunding. Conclusion: great goal, great master plan, but all different rewards…? Everyone only wants one thing: a magical night on Pampus.

This is how the plan was created to link (crowdfund) donations to adventurous overnight stays. From crowdfunding to crowd camping. With group nights, where everyone brings their tent and sits down to an extensive vegetarian barbecue. And with luxurious nights where everything has already been arranged for you: dinner, breakfast and a beautiful tent. On these exclusive nights you are lucky enough to experience with up to five others what it is like to sleep under the stars of a deserted island. A night alone with the two of you (because you might have something very special to celebrate) is also possible, by making an extra donation.

Van Nouhuys: “In Campspace and BlueCAMP, Pampus has found two partners who are very enthusiastic about our plans. The idea of ​​using camping for further sustainability and contributing to the first crowd camping site in the Netherlands really appeals to them. They also love how an iconic island like Pampus allows visitors to experience how inspiring self-sufficient living is. ” Pampus does this, for example, by showing how it experiments with collecting excess solar energy in converted car batteries, or how it tries out which vegetable waste can be re-cultivated. “Without wanting to pay a cent,” continues Van Nouhuys, “Campspace facilitates a fantastic booking site and BlueCAMP supplies the sustainable tents needed for the exclusive nights. Very strong storm tents, which contain about 25 worn-out jeans. All unraveled and spun into sturdy yarn. Magnificent!"

Sleeping under the starry sky of an uninhabited island: July and August

The Pampus nights take place in July and August. They kick off on July 12 with the first of four big group nights. After closing time, when the last ferry back to mainland has left, you and dozens of others choose your own spot for your tent. In addition to fun for young and old, there is also plenty of time to discover the island, enjoy the barbecue and when the dark falls, relax under an immense starry sky above a special island. The three following group nights can be booked on July 16 and August 7 and 21.

On all other days (except Sundays and Mondays) the fortress island turns into a real glamping at the stroke of 5 pm with up to three ready-made tents, complete with air mattresses, pillows and sheets. The tents are far enough apart on these exclusive nights to give you the feeling that you are on a deserted island. For dinner you choose a luxury food box - with the use of a pop-up kitchen for cooking yourself - or for a fully catered Summer Light evening. Zomerlicht is the July / August restaurant of Pampus, a Burgundian dining experience including a nice selection of wines, beers and other drinks. Breakfast is not

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18 June 2019

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