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Is your building ready for a sustainable future? View the sustainable measures on the Green Menu, and figure out what is possible for your building!

See if your municipality is connected

The Green Menu

This is how The Green Menu helps

  1. This is how The Green Menu helps
  2. Save and generate electricity
  3. From quick tips to major renovations
  4. Especially for monuments and historical buildings
  5. An indication of the investment and savings for your property
  6. See when you do and do not need a permit
  7. Find out what subsidies and loans there are
  8. Download an overview of the measures you have saved

The Green Menu

Do you want to make your building more comfortable and energy efficient? See what sustainable measures fit your situation. Discover what steps to take via the menu. And save the measures of your choice with the "save" button and compile your own wish list. You will immediately see what the sustainable measures do for your wallet and your comfort.

Rooftop Revolution, door Alice Wielinga | © Rooftop Revolution, door Alice Wielinga

De Groene Grachten

The Green Menu is an initiative of De Groene Grachten. De Groene Grachten is an advisor and implementation supervisor in making historic buildings more sustainable.